ONO PHARMACEUTICAL Researcher-led research support

Support for investigator initiated study

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We decided to provide support for investigator initiated studies to researchers of universities and research institutions in Japan and started to accept applications from April 2018. This web site invites proposals for clinical research support from researchers in Korea and Taiwan.
The applicant himself/herself can apply from this dedicated webpage. We do not accept any applications other than those submitted from the website. Also, we prohibit MRs to be involved in investigator initiated studies. Your understanding would be appreciated.

The system of support for investigator initiated study

  • To contribute to the development of medicine, we will support investigator initiated studies which researchers conduct, plan, design, implement, and manage by themselves under the legal and ethical responsibilities.
  • We will support studies in which our drugs are used or our drugs are involved.
  • We will support study expenses. We will not provide drugs or donation for studies.
  • If you want to obtain our support, please apply for support by entering the concept, details, scale, and desired expenses of the study from this webpage after obtaining a login account.
  • We will review the proposed study in our company and also in affiliated companies and decide whether or not providing support.
  • We will observe related laws and regulations, ethical guidelines, and regulations of your country and conclude the agreement.
  • Even after the decision of support, if we cannot agree to the details of the agreement, we may cancel support.
  • We will handle all the details of application as non-confidential information. Please do not include confidential information related to intellectual properties, etc. or personal information of study subjects in information you provide to us at the time of registration.

Flow for study support

Obtain login account → Enter the details of the study for application → Review in our company and affiliated companies → Agreement → Study support

After agreeing to the description on this webpage, please apply for study support.
We will review your application based on the applied details.

Study target (Study in which our drug is used or the study in the following disease areas)

  • Clinical study
  • Basic study

Target disease areas (Any of the areas needs to involve our drugs)

  • Oncology area

Contact information

Please contact from here.


  • Please see “Handling the personal information” regarding the handling of personal information you provide through the inquiry form (name, address of affiliation, telephone number, and email address that allow identification of the applicant).
  • We will send our reply to the applicant who made an inquiry.
    Please do not disclose part or all of our reply for diversion or secondary use to anybody other than the applicant.
  • Our reply may delay if we receive the inquiry outside our business hours such as Saturday, Sunday, holidays, year-end and New Year holiday, and summer holidays of our company.